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Case Studies

ASEAN Opportunities and Blue Ocean Strategy for Polymer Coatings

The client is a stock listed Malaysian chemicals conglomerate.

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The client's polymer coating division needed to validate the business potential in its core markets plus identify untapped growth opportunities to verify the business viability of their planned capacity expansion.


Solidiance embarked on a three-phase growth scenario project, beginning with a health check of the client's core business in Malaysia, exploring than in a second step various alternative client industries in surrounding markets and in a final step defining potential blue ocean opportunities in emerging fields of polymer technology in an application market-driven approach.


Solidiance was able to deliver the essential insights to point out the need for acceleration in the client's core business and development of new growth scenarios. The study effectively filtered through evident business alternatives and developed a with the client a priority list of near- mid- and long-term business potentials to ensure revenue growth.

Engagement ROI

The client was able to see clearly at which points his business needed to be boosted while understanding the potential in other fields of business and thereby making a substantiated decision on where to direct their efforts. The project was awarded a follow up in the same year by Solidiance to define concrete business acceleration and an investment case for two selected future technologies.