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Case Studies

Competitive benchmarking of Decorative Tile Producers

A global leader in flooring and ceiling tiles who is active in China through its own manufacturing facility.

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The client was experiencing the growing competence of its local Chinese tile producers. Management felt they did not understand the full capabilities nor intentions of these suppliers in China and the rest of the world. The client wanted a comprehensive benchmarking report.


We characterized the overall structure, financial goals, current profitability and strategic direction of these targeted companies in a move to build better understanding of competitors or potential alliances. We compared / contrasted these players to our client to identify gaps, opportunities and synergies.


Solidiance identified the current total cost to manufacture of selected tiles in mainland China for a targeted set of Chinese producers, including a detailed breakdown of all major cost components and their underlying assumptions.

Engagement ROI

The client was enabled to determined key strengths and weaknesses based on activities and intent of leading Chinese competitors then recommend emerging to consider one of these companies for acquisition/joint venture, for further engagement result it has to explore this option.