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Case Studies

Developing a RTM Business Plan for Algeria in the Luxury Automotive Segment

The client is a luxury automotive brand dealer, with a strong and growing presence in the Middle East and North Africa.

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The client targeted the acquisition of a new Luxury Automotive brand in Algeria, who positively responded by requesting a comprehensive business plan. Due to client's limited insight over the target brand's current situation in Algeria, market opportunities and challenges, the client sought Solidiance's support to gain a better understanding of the market and devise a comprehensive strategy.


A team of 3 consultants conducted a thorough analysis of the Algerian market which covered macroeconomic data, competition landscape, customer analysis, legal structure, and sales forecasting. On the ground, the team conducted Interviews with automotive experts, studied competitors' facilities, and met relevant government players. The team has also looked for the 10 most influential potential partners in Algeria, and filtered them down to evaluate the top 3 with a Director of the Firm."


Solidiance performed primary research in the market by evaluating the target's brand and its competitors, while diving deep into the new regulatory shifts in the market. Due to significant changes in Algeria's Automotive Sector, from regulations to key players and their strategies - Solidiance devised a competitive business plan for the targeted brand, and also screened potential local partners that could support the execution of this business plan.

Engagement ROI

The client successfully pitched the business plan to the target brand.