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Case Studies

Due Diligence for JV Qualification

Two of the largest lubricants and base oil manufacturers in the world.

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Clients were considering to merge and form a JV. The issue at hand was to identify how much more incremental sales new JV would achieve by 2021? Also, how much savings will be achieved to boost the bottom line.


Solidiance used two Senior Consultants at each client's sites. On management part, Solidiance COO and Associate Partner were involved. The team engaged with clients' senior management in all divisions to extract information which was later used in analysis and financial modeling.


Solidiance analyzed strengths of both companies in product portfolio, geographies, and channel management. These strengths were mapped on each other and a roadmap was devised to identify new opportunities. Solidiance was able to craft a business plan that would enable JV to achieve $1.8 Bn in additional revenues while increasing EBITDA margins.

Engagement ROI

Solidiance's business and financial plan gave clients' senior management all tools necessary to pitch JV proposition to their respective boards.