• Sectors: Manufacturing

Case Studies

Growth Strategy in Joining Technologies

A leading supplier of brazing products and services in North America who have a developed a small business in China to date but has no local manufacturing.

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The management sees an increasing migration of its key customers to China which had a strong industrial growth. This indicates opportunity for the products and services across multiple industries also to be responsive to these trends and the client’s management needs a robust market assessment and its addressable opportunity, as well as a sound go-to-market strategy.


Our consultants made a detailed assessment of the competitive landscape with SWOT analysis on major players. We also identify and evaluate addressable market opportunity.


Solidiance described “the state of evolution” is brazing in China against a broad sweep of bonding technologies. We sized and scoped brazing market and profiled target industry segments such as power fuses, compressors, rail cars, appliances, aerospace, etc.

Engagement ROI

The client is able to understand and identify its target customers and initial business opportunity to help build pipeline. The client pursued considering of local alliances as recommended.