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Case Studies

Market Entry and Growth Strategy of Heavy Equipment Wet Leasing Services in Indonesia

A Japanese Conglomerate and an Indonesian conglomerate are looking to find a synergy in tapping into new business venture in wet leasing services in Indonesia.

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The client is seeking an opportunity to leverage their current business competence in Heavy Equipment Wet Leasing Services in Indonesia through the recently acquired business in Singapore. In Indonesia, they had to achieve a synergy with one of the identified partners, an Indonesian conglomerate with the strong footprint in Indonesia and a multi-diversified business.


This project included one Manager, one Senior Consultant, and two Analysts who managed to provide the assistance to the client.


Solidiance helped the company to identify the market landscape and have an in-depth assessment of the competitive landscape of wet leasing services in Indonesia. Define the business model and future business trend/ transformation that is likely to have happened in the market. In the end, Solidiance has also performed an in-depth business integration proposal to both Japanese and Indonesian conglomerate and recommended a selection entry strategy that may be deemed feasible in the market.

Engagement ROI

The client is agreed to enter into the specified business through the potential acquisition of the current competitor in the market.