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Case Studies

Market Study of New Steel Product Material in ASEAN Market

Client is a world leader in steel manufacturer.

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The client planned to launch a specified new steel product material that was introduced to the ASEAN market. The level of discussion the first phase of the project was more into assessing the market attractiveness of each ASEAN countries and to see how relevant it was to introduce the new products in the market.


One Manager, one Senior Consultant and four Analysts worked on the country level (9 ASEAN countries scope) to drive the top down market value for the steel demand in the respected market and identify further the market characteristics performed in each country level based on the sub-segment market that was growing.


Within the 4 weeks of short engagement, the team intensified the total overall steel demand in the respected countries in ASEAN and identify specified market characteristics to be relevant to the new product material that would be launched in the market.

Engagement ROI

The client was able to prioritize the country focus to be deep dive in the next phase of work.