• Sectors: Manufacturing

Case Studies

New Market Opportunities Assessment

The client is in a broad array of niche markets including branded hydraulic tools and solutions; specialized products and services for energy markets and highly engineered position and motion control systems.

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The client needed to understand how attractive are power grid and heating & plumbing application markets for hydraulic tools. The client also wanted to find out how to win in this market.


During the course of analysis we have determined that channel is key in reaching customers in this market, and even though it wasn't in project scope, we've analyzed and made relevant recommendations for this part as well.


Our team has concluded that heating&plumbing application is not an attractive market due to its very limited size, and decided to focus on power grid application. We have concluded on the most feasible option for entering this market to capture the available opportunity.

Engagement ROI

Client not only had limited number of potential options to attack this market but also was given a short-list of potential M&A targets to enter this market and initial assessment of how to restructure these companies for them to perform better.